What was the founder Hector's first motivations to create his own Tequila brand? 

Hector was an innovator and a brilliant chemist. He was a lover of tequila and noticed how nothing new had been done in the industry for some time. He invented a method by which, using only natural products, a distinct and higher quality tequila could be made. You can say he is a true genius.

When did he start? 

The brand was founded in the late 1990's and in 1997 it was the first certified organic tequila.

How did he learn the whole Tequila making process (from agriculture to distillation) ?

Hector's vision and the goal was to create the World's Finest Tequila. His family had been producing bulk Tequila for other brand owners. Hector decided to make his own, and the first batches were not up to his exacting and entrepreneurial standards.  He decided that he would have to get the best scientists, master distillers and academics educated and trained in viticulture at UC Davis to help him produce a Tequila with the best aroma and taste.  The synergy of science and industry expertise gave him the ability to combine the best of nature to create the world's best spirit product.  One of the keys was to use naturally produced organic agave yeast in fermentation.  He chose the natural process of slow cooking agave in traditional brick ovens rather than the faster processes which cheat consumers from the true agave taste in Tequila.  Hector developed proprietary purification processes as well as only using the heart of the distilled batches, taking the less desirable parts and recycling them as fertilizer after production.

Why a full organic culture and the traditional making process was so important to him?

One of Hector's goals was that he and consumers could passionately enjoy 4 Copas while not suffering for that enjoyment the next day. He also did not want to take any shortcuts in creating the worlds finest tequila. He created a significantly more expensive product to produce in order to create the world's finest tequila by taking no short cuts.

It was also the world's most expensive process, as organic agave is much more expensive to produce, harvest and purchase than non-organic agave. But like a true artist and entrepreneur, Hector believed the quality of 4 Copas was more important than making money.

How long does your agave grow before the harvest ? 

An average of 7 years (depending on the rainfall of the seasons).

Is it your own agave fields?

We have contractual rights to organic agave field owned by our distilling partner,  Tequila Las Americas, which owns the largest supply of high-quality organic agave in the world. 

After the distillation, how long does the tequila rest before being bottled?

 4 Copas Blanco typically rests in the tank for approximately 7 or more days prior to its bottling.  4 Copas Tequilas maintains a substantial amount of tequila in tank, all types, that awaits bottling.

What are the differences between 4 Copas Reposado and 4 Copas Añejo? (differents aging process, how do you choose your oak-the type of roast)

  1. Our Reposado is aged 9 months in American White Oak barrels. Our barrels are high quality single used bourbon barrels with a careful char on the inside.
  2. Our Añejo is aged from 16 to 20 months. It is also aged in single use American White Oak Kentucky bourbon barrels.
  3. Our selection of barrels was carefully chosen as we pride ourselves on the highest quality. We chose only the top of the line distillers with the greatest attention to detail from the wood they chose to the building of the barrels.
  4. We chose a carefully applied roast as we placed a focus on a smooth tasting tequila while still receiving the sweetness from the American oak as well as a hint of bourbon characteristics bringing unique flavors such as vanilla, maple, and sweet agave.


What are the technical details that will influence you to stop the ageing? Does it changes ? Depending of the tasting ? 

The final aging is determined by the master distiller based on primarily taste and aromas.


What does your ageing brings to your agave "juice" ?

  1. Reposado - In the mouth it is sweet and soft.   Notes of vanilla, coconut and cooked agave. The mouthfeel is intense and the after taste is pleasantly bitter.
  2. Añejo - In the mouth it is sweet and soft.  Flavors present are burned vanilla, tobacco, nuts, maple and cooked agave. The mouthfeel is intense. The after taste is sweet.


Who has now the keys of the ageing cellar? Still the owner or does it relayed his know-how to a master of distillation/ageing who preserved 4 copas identity ? 

We have used the original yeast strand since the beginning. We also have the same master distiller since the inception of the brand, Sebastian Melendrez. It has been important to us to maintain a high quality and attention to detail. It has been important to us to maintain our identity as the worlds highest quality organic tequila while bringing the brand to the modern age. The ownership group maintains a high level of involvement throughout the process.


How do you prefer drinking your Tequilas Blanco: Chilled? Room temperature? Aperitif, pure, end of a meal? Food pairing?  

To fully enjoy its personality, you should first chill to 16°C then oxygenate in the glass for 20 minutes. The Blanco is best recommended to taste with seafood.

The same question with Reposado and Añejo


  1. To fully enjoy its personality, you should first chill to 18°C then oxygenate in the glass for 20 minutes.
  2. Reposado is best recommended with spicy foods


  1. To fully enjoy its personality, you should first chill to 20°C then oxygenate in the glass for 20 minutes.
  2. Our Añejo is best recommended with sweet flavors, especially chocolate.

We recommend for all our tequilas to be taken as an Aperitif. Especially the Blanco. A drink before a meal has been known to stimulate the appetite.

For our Reposado and Añejo we recommend it as a after dinner digestive. It is meant to be sipped and enjoyed, especially with good company.